Why choose Morse Steel?

At Morse Steel we do two things extremely well: First, we are fast with our lead times. Second, we listen to our customers' descriptions of value and the manner in which we can contribute to that value through special services. Of course we believe that we are good at many aspects of business, but we really strive for greatness in those two facets of our business. Everything we do is focused around those two strengths: Lead time and Value.

It's our people that make these things a reality. In our organization we try to nurture an atmosphere that challenges, provides a sense of accomplishment, and brings people together to be a part of something rather than feeling like they are alone in their work. Finally, we do this with the freedom to try out new ideas without the typical barriers. Our sales people are encouraged to listen to customers and propose better ways for us to work with those customers, through supply chain integration, transaction improvements, stocking unique inventory, packaging, kits, etc... Similarly our warehouse employees are prompted to recommend improvements to their work area, to tweak the process flow of our warehouse and logistics, to implement ideas for quality upgrades or for reduced costs, and to help us make wise decisions in capital purchases for our processing and material handling equipment.

Our strengths in lead-time and understanding value through the eyes of our customers would not exist without the contributions of our people.

History of Morse Steel Service

In 1884, Robert I. Morse left the security of San Francisco and moved, with his wife and infant son, to the town of Whatcom. He sold property in San Francisco and used the $3000 proceeds to buy an inventory of hardware to open a hardware store in a small town that ultimately became the city of Bellingham. This hardware store supported the early agricultural, logging, and mining industries with hardware, materials, and other supplies. Robert's son, Cecil Morse, ran the business when his father died in 1920. David Morse, the youngest son of Robert I. Morse took over the helm of the company when Cecil died in 1958. David expanded the business to supply the new industries in the area and ultimately to supply small hardware stores all over the NW and in Alaska. In 1959 David took Morse Hardware fully into the Steel Distribution business with the opening of a small steel service center warehouse in Bellingham. Ten years later in 1969, Morse built a larger building on the current site of Morse Steel Service's Bellingham facility. Bob Morse took over in 1975 and led the company through many changes in business focus, with acquisitions and sales of various business units, including the doubling in size of the Steel Service Center warehouse in Bellingham. Today, Mike Morse, representing the fourth generation of the Morse Family and fifth family member to run the business, leads Morse Steel Service. Mike is joined today in leadership by Rich Olson, VP and CFO, Gord Nonhoff – General Manager, Scott McCornack – Business Development, and Brett Parker - Sales and Marketing.

The company grew from that early hardware store into a steel service center that supplies steel and rebar to a variety of industries including: Manufacturing, Fabrication, Commercial and Industrial Construction Contractors, and Industrial Maintenance Departments. Morse Steel Service operates: A 52,000 square foot facility in Bellingham, Washington. In 2009 we celebrated our 120th anniversary.

We have a rich history, however we recognize that only persistent improvement in our services and offerings will bring about the kind of future and growth we want for our employees and our company. We believe that as we learn and grow as a company, and as individuals within Morse Steel, we can continue to do a better job of adding value for our customers through our steel distribution services.